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We have come to understand and appreciate that humankind has been progressively involved in the development of technology for many millennia. However, the rate of technological advancement has been nothing less than stellar over therecent four decades. Pivotal to much of contemporary innovation in technology was the invention of the digital computer. The use of software to automate and manage hardware activity has significantly expanded the potential of technology tools.

Yet the value and importance of well working software has largely been overlooked by many computer users. Undoubtedly, this blunder has contributed to the proliferation of malware and defective software resultingin unnecessary costs to many business organizations.Moreover, the wealth of features and capabilities resident in modern software applications necessitateda high level of complexity with the attendant side effect of vulnerabilities and bugs.This reality has provoked software developers to regularly issue updates and bug fixes for legitimate software installations.


The practice of acquisition and use of software has generally been acceptedthrough the mechanism known as a license. The software license describes the legal rights pertaining to the authorized use of digital materialand corresponding restrictions.Froma generally viewpointsoftware licenses fall into one of two classifications -open source or proprietary (commercial).

Open source denotes a software distribution model where the source code is made available in the public domain for sharing. Little or no monetary compensation is required, and, in some cases, the original developer(s) may request a voluntary donation from those who download and use the software. It is not unusual for other developers to add features and fixes to the original code and subsequently make the revised applicationavailable forpublic consumption.

Proprietary software is the result of a commercial endeavor; hencethe source code of the application is not made publicly available. In almost all instances there is a mandatory cost attached to legal acquisition ofthe software.

In addition to these two general classifications there are many types of software licensing schemes, some of which are illustrated below:

General Public License - (GPL)Freeware - Shareware - Perpetual Subscription
Device & UserServer - Processor - Core - Client Access License (CAL)

The extent of licensing models available to business entities can complicate the process of determining the most appropriate and cost-efficientlicensing arrangement. Through training from our industry partners, the team at TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc possess the knowledge and experience to guide businesses painlessly through the licensing process.

Software Asset Management

Prudent business practice dictates judicious management of the resources used by the organization and software is no exception. Software Asset Management (SAM) provides methodical techniques for organizations to capture the most value from their software and save money. Reducing cyber-risks, costs and downtime coupled with increased productivity and central management capabilities become realizable goals with SAM. Commencing with an assessment, TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc can assist organizations with the implementation of a SAM system.


Through our partnerships with several international software development firms, we are certified to provide advisory services and software licenses to business organizations throughout the Caribbean.

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TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc.providessoftware licensing solutions to:
Antigua, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Trinidad.


The debate continues to revolve around maintaining on premise hardware
versus leveraging hardware in the cloud

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Computer hardware continues to excel in power, capacity and features with a simultaneous expansion in the realm of mobile digital platforms. The trend supports distributed computing, virtualization and quantum computing.

The debate continues to revolve around maintaining on premise hardware versus leveraging hardware in the cloud. While using cloud resources frees the organization from the acquisition and management activities associated with on premise hardware resources, concerns of privacy, ownership, jurisdictional regulations, visibility and security remain prevalent. The hybrid paradigm that utilizes both on premise and cloud systems is currently favored by many business leaders. The hybrid approach provides the opportunity for selective placement of data and information based on criteria fashioned by the business.

The primary focus and mission of our organization
is the protection and enhancement of people
with the help of digital systems.

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Infrastructure elements that provide solid, secure and dependable connectivity from the access layerto data center.Access points & controllers, access switches, core switches and flexfabric switchesare available.

Wireless Digital Environment

We can design and implement a wireless infrastructure that delivers high performance and security that satisfy environments ranging from small business to enterprise to campus. Apart from service to the required coverage area, wireless networks need to support the existing and growing load of mobile devices being served. Wireless access can be granted to visitors and staff using personal mobile devices with total separation from restricted business resources.Furthermore, centralized management permits priority traffic handling, bandwidth limiting and filtering. Wireless data traffic may be encrypted for greater security.

Multi-Gigabit Wired Networks

The growing adoption of wireless devices continues to place additional burden on the network switching systems and the associated wired infrastructure. Moreover, more sophisticated applications and increasing data loads can cripple network performance. TRUSTWORTHY SYSTEMS Inc. can provide the resources needed to buildout networks that accommodate, in some cases, data rates approaching 10 Gbps. keyboard with the word Data Overload

Desktops and Laptops
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Secure Desktops and Laptops that are dependable, cost-effective, powerful and attractively designed.

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Systems that provide continuous services to handle required workloads at the speed of business. Portfolio includes high performance industry standard and mission critical servers in tower and rack formats.

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Storage – powered by HPE

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A range of hardware systems that provide high performance backup architecture, shrink backup windows and meet growing storage requirements.

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Mobile Devices and Printers
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Secure printers and Mobile devices that are dependable, cost-effective, powerful and attractively designed.

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TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. provides proven, industry leading hardware that meets the demands of small and medium business organizations (SMB) and larger enterprise organizations in four key areas.