Environmental Factor

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Data centers and computer rooms are evolving to leverage the benefits of virtualization. As a consequence, fewer hardware servers, albeit very powerful with loads of memory, are being deployed in these facilities. The trend of increasing electronic data storage systems is a direct response to growing demand.

This reality makes the data center a primary area of focus for business continuity strategy and planning. Failure of a single physical server can negatively impact several workloads and threaten the capability of an organization to deliver goods and services to its customers. Similarity, loss of functionality related to storage units can potentially compromise operations.

In an effort to circumvent crippling system failure, a number of redundant systems and recovery policies are implemented which can extend all the way to the build out of secondary data centers. While redundant storage systems, servers, power supplies and sites are essential to business continuity, maintaining healthy environmental conditions within each site is also crucial. Downtime due to environmental problems within the computer room or data center can very costly as everyone within the organization is likely to be impacted in a significant way.

The Solution

Oftentimes, abnormalities in environmental conditions go unnoticed until the situation becomes critical. TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. recommends strategic deployment of systems that will monitor, alert and report on temperature, humidity, power, flood, smoke, air flow, motion and room access factors. A 24-hour monitoring and alerting system greatly enhances the ability of support personnel to respond to budding and latent issues within the environment before outages ensue. Separate and distinct from situations of disaster, environmental conditions that are frequently outside the specifications of the manufacturers will generally reduce the lifespan of digital equipment. TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. can provide a comprehensive solution to help organizations monitor and maintain environmental conditions that are safe for the operation of digital equipment.

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Once you have acquired your Room Alert® solution from TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc., you can get started within minutes by following these 4 steps.

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Start with one or more monitor units.

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Add the required sensors.

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Add accessories.

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Log into the portal and start managing your environmental monitoring system.

Quality of Electrical Power

Picture of Eaton's Servers A high power quality level within the data center or computer room should always be maintained at optimum levels to enhance the lifespan of digital equipment. Many are the circumstances that change the attributes of electrical power post utility company generation. Changes in current and voltage can occur within the distribution system (grid) and even within the customer premises. Climatic variations, non-linear loads, variable frequency drives and other factors usually impact the quality of electrical power within the data center. Some common manifestations of power quality compromise are surges, spikes, brownouts, blackouts and harmonics. Such maladies lead to severe equipment damage, data loss and corruption. Less obvious may be the cost of high electrical consumption due to inefficiencies resulting from poor power quality. Without effective mitigation, organizations can be faced with decreased reliability, high capital expenses and high monthly energy costs.
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Through our partnership with Eaton, TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. can offer surge protection and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions that help organizations maintain the power quality level required to protect digital assets.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The UPS temporarily provides electrical power to equipment as an emergency tactic in the absence of an electrical supply from the mains. Consequentially, the UPS provides clean power and compensates for sags, brownouts and blackouts.

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Here are some parameters that should be considered when
considering a UPS solution.

Size – The power rating expressed in volt-amperes (VA) represents the maximum load that a UPS can support. The available power rating range is typically 300 VA to 5,000 kVA. We recommend deployment of a UPS with a rating that is at least 1.5 times the total load to be protected.

Extended runtime – Generally, if properly matched to the load, a UPS will provide power for 10 to 15 minutes. This is to allow sufficient time for data to be saved and prescribed shutdown procedures to be initiated and completed. If desired, extended battery modules should be added to increase the runtime. In some cases, a runtime of hours can be achieved.

Pure sine wave – Depending on the type, a UPS running on battery will produce either a pure sine or modified sine wave waveform. If the equipment being powered by the UPS is very sensitive, such as medical imaging machines, telecommunications systems and mission critical server, a pure sine wave UPS is highly recommended.

Modular and scalable – This type of UPS facilitates expansion to meet growth demands without having to replace existing units or add units.

Network capable – With this feature, distributed UPSs that are connected on the network may be centrally monitored and managed. This can lead to significant savings in time and costs especially when the distribution area is large.

Surge Protection

Surges, spikes and line noise present in electric power from the mains can wreak havoc with digital and other systems. An effective surge suppressor is the first line of defence against such power turbulences. TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. supplies the Eaton Eclipse Pro surge suppressor which has repeatedly proven to protect digital systems from damage due to surges in electrical power. With instantaneous response time, up to 2160 joule rating, circuit breaker and thermal fuse protection, the Eclipse Pro is an invaluable device in any organization with digital systems.

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TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. is available to work with you to protect digital systems and data from adverse environmental conditions within the data center or computer room.

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