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Organizations generally strive to improve competitiveness and delivery goods and services to their customers as efficiently as possible. One effective strategy that has become useful to many business organizations involves deliberately reallocation the focus on core business activities. This approach potentially enables team members and management to better dedicate competencies and skill sets toward realizing the primary objectives of the organization. This dedicated focus should assist in the achievement of positive revenue growth, cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction. Information and communications technology (ICT) is typical to create a platform that supports many areas of business operation. As such, ICT should be reliable, secure and available to reduce disruption to organizational processes. Depending on the nature and complexity of the organization, substantial resources may be needed to ensure that ICT systems perform as required to adequately support the needs of the organization. TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. provides the resources and support demanded by many organizations. Almost of the services listed on this page are available globally.

Firewall Support Services

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With the advent of the public Internet the firewall has become the de facto mechanism for protecting the company’s network from global threats. It may also be used to filter traffic that passes from the company to the Internet. Escalating threat intensity and frequency has heightened the risks associated with unattended firewall operation. The risk of a successful firewall breach is reduced when the firewall is properly monitored and managed.

Through the managed firewall service, immediate action is executed on detected malicious behavior before a successful exploit becomes a reality. Moreover, firewall maintenance is assured and rules and policies are updated to securely accommodate new approved processes and applications within the organization.

Email Security Service

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Email remains the number channel for the delivery of malware to potential victims. Various strategies are employed by threat actors with social engineering continuing to be a favorite of threat actors. Phishing, business email compromise, malware attachments, bulk email and spam are all quite prevalent and are likely to be successful if email security is weak.

The email security service provides malware blocking, URL defense, DMARC authentication and machine-learning technology to ensure that the organization’s email channel is safe to use.

Endpoint Security Service

Computer systems, servers and digital devices used by people are denoted by the term ‘endpoint’. These devices are central to cyber attacks because this is where data resides and is processed. Successful exploitation of an endpoint creates risks of data loss, unauthorized access, inappropriate access, damage and significant costs. Frequent monitoring and assessment of endpoints for evidence of malicious activity is usually burdensome and is often neglected. The endpoint security service continuously monitors the endpoints for suspicious behavior and can execute or recommend responses to reduce the risk of a successful attack. The service utilizes tools with advanced cyber security technologies including machine learning.

Comprehensive ICT Support Services.

TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc provides a full suite of on-premise and remote support services designed to keep corporate networks functioning. Areas of support include installation, configuration and maintenance for servers, PCs, laptops, wireless infrastructure, firewalls, backup/recovery systems, laser printers and cyber security systems. Continuous monitoring of system health offers opportunity for our technical team to proactively respond to issues before network services fail.

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