Proof of Concept Initiative

Picture of open Hand with floating elements Introduction:
New systems are constantly being developed to permit organizations to deliver newer and better services demanded by customers and consumers alike. Recent areas within IT systems development include virtualization, social media, cloud models and e-commerce. New versions of more traditional systems such as accounting, CRM, health and enterprise resource planning (ERP) are still being implemented. In general, taking these systems to the stage of practical application requires intelligent software and hardware implementation, management of costs, management of time and probably the involvement of stakeholders such as broadband service providers, environmental systems engineers, programmers, network cabling technicians and hardware specialists. Astute coordination of the various stakeholders and resources is required in order to achieve project success.

The clear project vision of the customer shared during the preliminary scope definition in the project initiation process is usually not sufficient for the project team to define a detailed scope on the planning process. For the customer, it is difficult to foresee the implication of some decisions and constraints at this early stage and very often, customer satisfaction becomes a risk to the project. When the customer vision of the project is described, the expected path and associated effects toward that vision may be implied. If this path is not clearly communicated to the implementation team, the project scope starts to fail.

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Each information technology (IT) environment is unique and we understand that simply replicating the implementation methodologies and techniques used for other projects are unlikely to achieve expected results. TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. recommends construction of a Proof of Concept (PoC) that permits the required evaluation of the proposed solution within the IT environment that needs the resolution. From our experience, both customer and our team benefit from the PoC in the following ways:

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  •   Expectations become clear and well defined.
  •   The ability of the solution to meet the needs of the situation as well as short comings are identified.
  •   Any upgrades or modifications to the existing environment which are key to successful implementation of the proposed solution can be acknowledged and applied beforehand.
  •   All expertise, skills and documentation needed may be assembled early in the process.
  •   If the proposed solution is accepted, costs and schedules can be better determined and controlled during execution within the production environment.

We have a number of systems that may be evaluated through the PoC model.

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Intrusion Prevention Systems

This next generation intrusion prevention system (IPS) discovers and blocks sophisticated malware threats across the network. It combines real-time Threat Intelligence feeds with contextual data about users, devices and applications for fast accurate response to network-borne attacks.

Security features that may be evaluated include:
  •   Botnet and malware callback protection.
  •   Advanced intrusion prevention.
  •   DoS and DDoS prevention.

Due to the number of possible implementation configurations and the advanced level of protection, careful planning is required for this PoC. Some configurations may not be recommended for certain types of network. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Environmental Monitoring Systems.

Adverse physical conditions can cause severe problems to sensitive equipment and even result in personal injury if safe thresholds are exceeded.

The environmental monitoring solution provides information on key conditions including:
  •   Temperature
  •   Humidity
  •   Heat Index
  •   Power
  •   Flood
  •   Smoke
  •   Air Flow
  •   Room Entry (Unauthorized or Authorized)

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Endpoint Security Solutions

The endpoint represents devices directly and indirectly used by personnel whether on company premises or in the field. Desktop computers, mobile devices and servers store and process valuable data. It is a challenge for most companies to manage the behavior of digital device (or endpoint) users. Hence, the security of these devices is critical to the continuation and growth of an organization. A PoC may be activated for some or all endpoints within an organization for full evaluation. These endpoint solutions are powered by Machine Learning.

Some important features to be tested:
  •   Threat detection accuracy
  •   Manageability
  •   CPU performance
  •   Footprint
  •   Platform compatibility

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Email Security & Filtering Solutions

This solution is designed to detect and remove malicious content from email before it enters the protected environment. Distributed devices such as smart phones tablets and other devices that may be outside of the organizations firewall are also protected.

Defenses from the following threats are included:
  •   Malware
  •   Malicious Attachments
  •   Malicious URLs
  •   Social Content
  •   Email Server Outage

As there is no equipment to purchase or software to install, we can quickly start your PoC. Of course we will work with you to ensure that the evaluation within your environment satisfies your needs.

PoCs are enabled on a scheduled basis and includes the support of technical representatives. Please call us at least 30 days before you need the commence the evaluation in order to help us schedule and prepare the PoC so that it may be delivered at a date and time that is convenient for you.

The PoC is wholly for the purposes of evaluation for suitability to the environment and ability to be an effective solution. There is no obligation on either party that engaged in the PoC after completion of the evaluation. Terms and conditions apply.

Let TRUSTWORTHY Systems Inc. be the catalyst for risky behavior, change and development of a better digital experience within your organization.

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